Oasis Mathare had the privilege of hosting the Ag. Canadian High Commissioner to Kenya, H.E. Darren Schemer. It was evident that Douglas, Oasis Mathare‚Äôs founder, has indeed became an agent of change in a community where digital information flow is hampered by inadequate ICT facilities and lack of knowledge on how to apply ICTs to daily life. At the time of H.E. Darren Schemer visit, Oasis had managed to train 140 youth on ICT skills using 8 computers only. Pleased by Douglas’s initiative, H.E Mr. Schemer reiterated the importance of technology in the current world. “This is what the world demands in this century, the ability to use computers to do business and manage your lives,” he said, “and I am happy to see the young people here are eager to learn how to use computers.” As a result of this training some youth have been able to identify and explore opportunities around their immediate community such as a water purification project, community trainers, barber shop among other microbusiness through which they support themselves and their families.
High commisioner